Anthony Hope


Anthony Hope




Presumably London



Current Location

London, England




Johanna Barker (lover)

Portrayed by

Jamie Campbell Bower (2007 film)

Anthony Hope is a young sailor who helped Sweeney Todd (otherwise known as Benjamin Barker who crapped a seagull)had previously been sentenced to a life of hard dik in Australia but

Anthony and Sweeney

managed to escape after 15 years of inprisonment) by allowing him to board on the ship he was sailing on that was heading to London. As they aproach the city, Anthony sings the song No Place Like London.
Anthony Hope

As this is Anthony's first time in London, he sees it as a place of majesty and beauty. Sweeney Todd then joins in to the song and from his point of view we see that he finds it difficult to return to London after his trying ordeal. Anthony and Todd then part ways and Anthony is on his own looking for Hyde park. As he is sitting on a bench one day reading in front of a house, he sees a pale, beautiful girl with yellow hair sitting in her window singing about how she wishes that she was free (Green Finch and Linnet Bird).

Anthony asks a poor beggar woman about the beautiful girl and learns that her name is Johanna Barker and she is kept locked up by the sinister Judge Turpin. He then instantly falls in love with Johanna and longs to set her free but Judge

Anthony in front of Johanna's house

Turpin has spotted Anthony gandering at his young ward and tells him menacingly that if he is ever spotted near the house again he will be killed. Turpin's lackey Beadle Bamford then beats Anthony with his walking stick to teach him a lesson and leaves him bloody and injured outside the house. Anthony visits the house a few times when the Judge is away at court so that he will not be seen and on one of his visits, Johanna throws him the key to the house which signals that she wants to meet him.

Because Anthony knows hardly anyone in London, he heads to Fleet Street and finds Sweeney Todd's barber shop above Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pie Emporium and asks if he can bring Johanna to the shop to keep her safe while he hires transportation to take them both away so that they can elope. Todd and Lovett both agree to this and Anthony leaves. Later on, Anthony comes back to Todd with more details to his plan only to find none other than Judge Turpin sitting in the barbers chair. Turpin is livid and returns home to find Johanna packing. As Turpin wanted to marry Johanna himself, he is so angry and broken hearted that he sends her away to Fogg's Asylum for the mentally deranged.

Going back to the barber shop, Sweeney Todd suggests that Anthony pose as a wig makers apprentice so that he can gain access to the Asylum. Anthony does this and then rescues Johanna bringing her (disguised as a young lad) back to Sweeney Todd's shop as he fetches a coach.

Though it is not known the exact ending to Anthony's story, it is implied that he and Johanna run away and marry living together happily.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jamie Campbell Bower

Bower at Comic Con, 2013

Anthony Hope is portrayed by the English actor, Jamie Campbell Bower, in the 2007 film, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

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