Green Finch and Linnet Bird is the fifth song that's in the movie.

It's sung by Johanna Barker, the daughter of Sweeney Todd and the young ward of Judge Turpin. In this song, Johanna compares her captivity in the judge's mansion to that of a bird in a cage. It is during this song that Anthony Hope first lays eyes on Johanna and falls in love with her.

During the song, Johanna expresses her dreams to be free of her imprisonment in the Judge's house, as well as her inability to cope with the knowledge that she will probably never escape. The original Broadway lyrics contain the lines "Is it for wages, singing to be sold? Have you decided it's safer in cages, singing when you're told?" which implies that Johanna is aware that if she cannot accept the life of near sexual slavery to Judge Turpin she may be forced into a life of prostitution, the usual profession of women without a means of financial support from men during the time period. The song also reveals Johanna's emotional trauma from years of being locked away from the outside world.

Lyrics Edit

Green finch and linnet bird
Nightingale, blackbird
How is it you sing?

How can you jubilate
Sitting in cages
Never taking wing?

Outside the sky waits
Beckoning, beckoning

Just beyond the bars

How can you remain
Staring at the rain
Maddened by the stars?

How is it you sing...
How is it you sing?


My cage has many rooms
Damask and dark
Nothing there sings,
Not even my lark
Larks never will, you know
When they’re captive
Teach me to be more adaptive

Green finch and linnet bird
Nightingale, blackbird
Teach me how to sing

If I cannot fly let me sing...