My Friends is the fourth song in the movie, and the fifth track in the Sweeney Todd Official Soundtrack. It's sung by Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett.

In this song, Sweeney Todd is reunited with his razors, which he used back when he was Benjamin Barker, and which he now plans to use to deliver his vengeance upon Judge Turpin. Mrs. Lovett's part during the song is sung simultaneously with Sweeney and shows the unrequited attraction that she feels for him. According to actor Johnny Depp, who played Sweeney Todd in the film adaptation, this was the very first song he ever sang, and proclaimed it to be one of the most complexly written of the play.

Sweeney Todd singing My Friends.

Lyrics Edit

SWEENEY:	These are my friends 
		See how they glisten 
		See this one shine 
		How he smiles in the light
		My friend 
		My faithful friend 

		Speak to me, friend 
		Whisper, I'll listen 
		I know, I know 
		You've been locked out of sight 
		All these years 
		Like me, my friend 

		Well I've come home 
		To find you waiting 
		And we're together 
		And we'll do wonders 
		Won't we?

		You there, my friend 

MRS. LOVETT:	I'm your friend too, Mr. Todd 

SWEENEY:	Come let me hold you 

MRS. LOVETT:	If you only knew, Mr. Todd 

SWEENEY:	Now with a sigh 

MRS. LOVETT:	Ooh, Mr. Todd 

SWEENEY:	 You grow warm in my hand 
MRS. LOVETT:	 You’re warm 

SWEENEY:	My friend…

MRS. LOVETT:	You've come home 

SWEENEY:	My clever friend

MRS. LOVETT:	Always had a fondness for you, I did 

SWEENEY:	Rest now my friends

MRS. LOVETT:	Never you fear, Mr. Todd 

SWEENEY:	Soon I'll unfold you 

MRS. LOVETT:	You can move in here, Mr. Todd 

SWEENEY:	Soon you'll know 

BOTH: 		Splendors you never have dreamed all your days 

MRS. LOVETT:	Will be yours 

SWEENEY:	My lucky friends 
MRS. LOVETT:	I'm your friend 
SWEENEY:	'Till now your shine
MRS. LOVETT:	And you’re mine

MRS. LOVETT:	Don’t they shine beautiful?

SWEENEY:	Was merely silver
MRS. LOVETT:	Silver’s good enough for me

SWEENEY:	Friends…


SWEENEY:	You shall drip rubies
		You'll soon drip precious 
               [To Mrs. Lovett] Leave me
SWEENEY:	"At last!  My arm is complete again."