The Contest is the eighth song in the movie. It's sung by Signor Adolfo Pirelli and spoken by Sweeney and Beadle Bamford.

During this scene, Adolfo Pirelli, angry at Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett's disruption of his business, demands to know who has the nerve to say his elixir is piss. Sweeney then proceeds to challenge Pirelli to a contest, with Pirelli's reputation being on the line, and Beadle Bamford being the judge. During the contest, Sweeney at first doesn't even seem to be doing anything, which serves to feed Pirelli's egotism and arrogance, and as Pirelli continues into the song, Sweeney quietly prepares to shave his customer, until finally at the song's climax, Sweeney smoothly shaves his customer with but a few deft strokes of his razor, soundly defeating Pirelli. After his defeat, Pirelli vows that he and Sweeney will meet again before then proceeding to take out his rage on Toby as they depart. The Beadle comes to congratulate Sweeney, and Mrs. Lovett gives him directions to Sweeney's barber shop on Fleet Street, where Sweeney promises to give him "the closest shave he will ever know."

Lyrics Edit

Adolfo Pirelli: 	I am Adolfo Pirelli
		Da king of da barbers
                               Da barber of kings 
		E buon giorno, good day 
		I blow you a kiss!

		And I, da so famous Pirelli 
		I wish-a to know-a 
		Who has-a the nerve-a to say 
		My elixir is piss! 
		Who says this?! 

Sweeney Todd: 	“I do. [...] I am Mr. Sweeney Todd of Fleet Street. I have opened 
                               a bottle of Pirelli’s elixer and I say to you that it is nothing but an 
                               errant fraud, concocted from piss (Mmm..)and ink.  Furthermore -'Signor'- 
                               I have serviced no kings, yet I wager that I can shave a cheek 
                               with ten times more dexterity than any street mountebank!” 

Adolfo Pirelli:             “You hear zis foolish man? Now, please, you will see how 
                               he will regret-a his-a folly! *throws cape* TO-BY!”

Sweeney Todd: 	“Who’s for a free shave?”

                               [The Crowd cheers: ME, ME, ME!]

Sweeney Todd:	“Will Beadle Bamford be the judge?”

Beadle Bamford:       “Glad, as always to oblige my friends and neighbours.  
		...The fastest, smoothest shave, is the winner.”

		[Music begins] 

Adolfo Pirelli: 	Now signorini, signori 
		We mix-a da lather 
		But first-a you gather around 
                               Signorini, signori 
		You looking a man 
		Who had-a da glory 
		To shave-a da Pope!
		Mr. Sweeney whoever--
                               I beg-a you pardon
		You’ll probably say it was only a cardinal--
		It was-a da POPE!

		To shave-a da face 
		To cut-a da hair 
		Require da grace 
		Require da flair
		For if-a you slip 
		You nick da skin 
		You clip-a da chin 
		You rip-a da lip a bit beyond-a repair! 
		To shave-a da face 
		Or even a part 
		Widout it-a smart 
		Require da heart! 
		Not just-a da flash 
		It take-a panache 
		It take-a da passion for da art

		To shave-a da face 
		To trim-a da beard 
		To make-a da bristle 
		Clean like a whistle
		Dis is from early infancy 
		Da talent give to me 
		By God! 

		It take-a da skill
		It take-a da brains
		It take-a da will 
		To take-a da pains 
		It take-a da pace

Beadle Bamford: 	“The winner -- is Todd!”

                              [The Crowd cheers to End] :)